Customer Support

You can best reach me via my business APP or Email

M A S S E Y B I Z @ G M A I L . C O M

or download my mobile app with Click-to-Call and my email already built in.

Scan for Web Werks APP  This is a web app that works on any Android or Apple device. (You may be prompted to change your device settings to accept this safe app)

To get my business APP you can

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • Click the QR code
  • Click this link Web Werks APP




With your Mobile web app your customers or fans can:
• Sign-up for VIP offers or Coupons
• Get Door to Door GPS directions to your business, event or convention site
• See a quick overview of your menu, products or services
• Watch a Youtube video about you an event or your business
• Interact with you or your company via social media sites like facebook and twitter

All Mobile Web Apps come with integrated Text Messaging that allows your customers or fans to signup for your VIP Offers giving them the ability to receive your VIP offers, Coupons or announcements right to their phones.

And with our Simple to use integrated Mass Marketing Platform, you have the ability to Send your Offers to Email, Facebook, Twitter and Text or SMS simultaneously with just one click.

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